Friday, June 15, 2018

Mini Thoughts

Hello, all!

I'll admit-- I'm terrible when it comes to keeping up with comics. I used to be so on the ball, but you miss one week and all of a sudden you're months behind. Then I always tell myself I'll just hold off until the volumes come out and read everything all at once... and I usually fail at doing that as well.

While at BookCon, I was at least able to pick up one recent comic run I've been wanting to read and two others that I've heard great things on but was just too lazy to start.

Publisher: Boom! Studios/ Archaia
Year: 2017
Written by: Simon Spurrier
Art by: Kelly and Nichole Matthews 
Jim Henson's The Power of the Dark Crystal, Vol. 1: This is a recent series, so thankfully I'm not too far behind. This sequel takes place 100 years after the events of the film, and introduces a new race called Firelings who need a shard of the Dark Crystal in order to save their world-- but doing so will prove disastrous for Thra. I really liked how this feels like a continuation of the original story line, and seems like something that Jim Henson would actually come up with. It does a nice job mixing the original elements from the film with new twists/characters.

Publisher: Image Comics
Year: 2015
Written by: Brian K. Vaughan
Art by: Cliff Chiang
Paper Girls, Vol. 1: Beginning in 2015, this series follows a group of 4 young newspaper delivery girls who get attacked while out on their route by a group of teenagers who steals one of the girls walkie-talkies. The girls follow them to an abandon house and stumble upon what looks to be a time machine in the basement. Oh, and then they find the whole town is being invaded by aliens from the future. I was hooked within the first few panels once I saw a poster for The Monster Squad and noticed that it all kicks off on November 1, 1988, which just so happens to be my birthday. I also really dig the Stranger Things/sci-fi vibe it has.

Publisher: Image Comics
Year: 2012
Written by: Brian K. Vaughan
Art by: Fiona Staples
Saga, Vol. 1: This series, which started back in 2012, revolves around a husband and wife who come from opposite sides of long-warring alien races, and who are fleeing authorities from both sides with their newborn daughter. Most of the time the whole "star-crossed lovers" routine is played out, but I enjoyed this take on it. The story line is engaging and the dialogue flows nicely and doesn't feel forced. The artwork is great and makes it really stand out over other graphic novels that I've read recently. Also, I like how Hazel, Marco and Alana's daughter, narrates the story as it unfolds, it adds a nice depth to it.

Has anyone else read any of these? Lemme know!

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