Top 5: Summer Movies

Hello, all!

Today marks the first day of summer and do you know what that means? It means my least favorite season has reared its hot humid head! I've never been a summer person-- I'm far too Irish for direct sunlight (seriously, my skin has only two shades: corpse and lobster), I get super cranky when temperatures rise above the mid-80s (anything above the 70s is pushing it, in my opinion), and having my thighs stick to every surface I sit on is just not my cup of tea. Not to mention the sweat. Just everything is sweaty.

So the way I enjoy the summertime is by living vicariously through summer movies. Here are just a few of my go-to's.

1. Jaws: This one is just a given. I'm allergic to chlorine so the only other means of cooling off for me that involves water is either a kiddie pool (still trying to convince my roommates to get one) or the beach (which I don't go to cause again, the sun). Even though this movie killed any chance of me going into the ocean, it did spur my love of marine biology and shark research. My roommate and I also love to sing the "Show Me The Way to Go Home" song pretty much all the time, and she even made it into a fun sign that we have hanging on our front door.

2. The Sandlot: This one is close to my heart cause all the kids on my block growing up used to play kickball like every day in the summer and I used to pretend I was Squints. Still to this day I can't say "forever" without going "for-ev-er." Also, who didn't have a crush on Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez?

3. Camp Nowhere: I used to go to a day camp when I was younger cause I wasn't cool enough for sleep away camp, so I would just watch this movie on repeat instead. And seriously, what kid didn't wish that they could dupe their parents by hiring Christopher Lloyd as a fake camp counselor so that way they can do whatever they wanted all summer?

4. Heavyweights: Ok, I was only gonna include one camp movie, but this one is just way too good to leave off this list. There's just so much about this movie that I love, namely everything about Ben Stiller's character. Plus, I've always been way jealous of the Blob and always wanted to lay on it and get launched off into the water.

5. Dirty Dancing: I mean, c'mon, nobody puts Baby in a corner. I watched this movie so often when I was little cause it's one of my Mom's favorites. We took a family vacation one year to a resort place sort of like Kellerman's, but it didn't have Patrick Swayze so needless to say, I did not have the time of my life.

What're some of your favorites? Lemme know!


  1. Before I even opened this I knew you were going to have jaws on this list lol. And dirty dancing is a classic ! Maybe we can watch it next week ?!

    1. Haha, I mean of course I had to do Jaws! And yes, movie night!

  2. Nice picks! I love that your friend made a sun of the Jaws song. That's awesome! Dirty Dancing has summer written all over it too. One of my favorites!

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