The Bookish Box: Hogwarts House Box Review

Hello, all!

So, I have to admit, I'm not super into The Bookish Box. I've gotten two other boxes from them (a Stranger Things themed box and a random box I picked up at Book Con), and both left me pretty underwhelmed, but I'm a sucker for anything Harry Potter related so I figured I'd give them one more shot. Third time's a charm, right? All the items were curated to whatever your specific house is, so all my goodies were Hufflepuff related.

First up was this nice pillow cover by Ink and Wonder. I love the design of it, but I'm not really sure how to put a pillow in it cause the zip doesn't open too far or wide. I'll have to MacGyver something.

I've always seen these types of necklaces where they have little parts of books in them, but I've never actually had one, so I thought this was really cool. This one was made by Authored Adornments, and I love how subtle it is and the little pale yellow charm next to it is a nice touch.

The head of Hufflepuff house is Professor Sprout, so having a candle that smells of herbs and flowers was a given. I've gotten a few of Novelly Yours Candles in other subscription boxes, and they always smell so nice and burn really well, so I'm happy with this one.

There wasn't a label or anything on this, so I'm just assuming it's regular coffee. Since I'm not a coffee drinker, I passed this right along to my roommate. I do like the design on the packaging, though.

I love how they included coffee and then something to drink it out of as well. It's very convenient. The design is very simple but it works.

Lastly, was this shirt. Normally, I'm iffy about shirts that come in these types of things because they're always very hit or miss, but I really like this one! I like the white design on the black and then the pop of yellow. It's not too busy and the actual quality of the t-shirt feels really nice as well.

I was pleasantly surprised with this box. Besides the coffee, I really liked everything that they sent. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much just due to my previous experiences, but this one totally made up for those.


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