Slayer Review

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I'm a massive Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I grew up watching the show, and it was one of the first shows that really taught me girl power and how to stand up for myself and my beliefs. I love everything about it, from the friendships to the family dynamics to the puns. Especially the puns. I know the show wasn't perfect, but it'll always be one of my favorites. That's why when I heard there was going to be a YA story set in the Buffy universe, I knew I had to check it out.

Pub Date: 1-8-19
Young Adult - Fantasy - Paranormal
Slayer by Kiersten White follows twins, Nina and Artemis, who have spent their entire lives in the Watcher's Academy. While Artemis has been taught and trained to become a Watcher, Nina has always followed a different path. Instead of violence, she chooses a life of healing and knowledge, and becomes the academy medic. Then one day, Nina's life changes forever.

Thanks to Buffy, the famous and infamous Slayer that Nina's father died to protect, Nina not only becomes the newest Chosen One-- she's the last Slayer ever. Now, along with her old crush-turned Watcher-in-Training, Leo, and her friends, Nina must learn to harness this power that she never asked for and doesn't even want. When a shadowy figure starts haunting her dreams, and bodies start turning up, Nina realizes it takes more than power to become a Slayer.

I had extremely high expectations going into this book just based on how much I love the Buffy-verse. I have to admit, this left me...underwhelmed. I felt the dialogue at times tried way too hard to be as punny and sarcastic as the TV show that it felt forced. Although their relationship does work itself out towards the later half of the novel, Nina spends the majority of the book bashing Buffy because she feels she ruined her life, and that got old real quick.

I did enjoy some aspects of the storyline and characters such as Rhys and his boyfriend Cillian, and there were a few funny bits thrown into the mix. I also found it interesting to see this world through the Watcher's perspective. In BtVS, we really are just following Buffy's life and her duty, so it's nice to flip the script. As a fan, I did like all the nods to the show and comics as well. Even though this didn't turn out to be everything I had hoped it'd be, I did feel it picked up towards the end and came into its own. I'm not sure if I'll continue with this series, but it was fun for what it was.

Rating: 3/5


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