Top 5: Batman Villains

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Batman was one of the first comic book characters I ever read growing up. He's still one of my favorites, and I'm also very passionate about who I think is the best Batman actor-wise. (It's Michael Keaton, by the way. Or Kevin Conroy. But definitely not Val Kilmer.)

Since this month marks the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight, I thought it only fitting to dedicate this Top 5 to some of his best foes. Because what is a hero without a villain?

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1. The Joker: Let's get the most obvious out of the way. You can't mention Batman without the Joker. They're two sides of the same coin, the yin to the others yang, the totally crazy to the others crazy. He's constantly popping up to throw a wrench (or crowbar, RIP-ish Jason) into Batman's plans. There is no thorn in Batman's side quite like the Joker.

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2. Hugo Strange: He might not be the flashiest in Batman's Rogues Gallery, but he did what almost no others could--he figured out Batman's identity. Strange also used his knowledge as a psychiatrist to hypnotize Bruce into forgetting all about Batman, and he created the mutant Monster Men from his experiments on patients at Arkham.

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3. Poison Ivy: Not only is she one of the most iconic female comic book characters of all time, but she is quite the foe as well. What I think makes her so great is that she's not necessarily all evil, she does actually have some good traits, such as fighting for the Earth rather than herself. Buuuut, she does usually go about that in some criminal or murderous way.

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4. Two-Face: All the best stories deal with the idea of good and bad, but none have shown it so literally as with Harvey Dent. Once a respected lawyer committed to keeping crime off Gotham's streets, Dent was horribly scarred after an acid attack from a mob assassin. After the attack, it was as if Dent's outsides now matched his conflicting insides as he slipped further and further into evil.

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5. Bane: My favorite villain. He's the man who broke the Bat. Enough said.

Lemme know your picks!


  1. Definitely Catwoman!

  2. Awesome picks! I love Bane, Poison Ivy, and The Joker. Catwoman is great too, especially Michelle Pfeiffer's performance in Batman Returns. And I'm totally on board with Michael Keaton as one of the best Batmans (I love Christian too).

    1. Thanks! Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman is so great, that's my favorite Batman movie and it's mostly to do with her.


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