The Honey-Don't List Review

Hello, all!

Last year I became absolutely obsessed with Christina Lauren books. When I saw that their latest, The Honey-Don't List, was available on Netgalley I jumped on it. Big thank you to them for the copy!

Pub Date: 3-24-20
Adult - Contemporary
Carey Douglas has spent the last ten years of her life working behind the scenes for America's favorite home renovating couple, Melissa and Rusty Tripp. In that time, Carey has gone from a 16 year old country girl working the register at their first store, to secretly helping them build their design empire. Now, as the Tripp's are about to embark on a book tour and launch a new TV series, Carey is facing her most challenging job yet: making sure no one figures out that these design darlings can't stand each other.

James McCann has been knocked down a few pegs on the employment totem pole. He went from working an engineering job to running errands as Rusty Tripp's assistant. So, after he and Carey find his boss in a very compromising position with someone who's not his wife, the last thing he wants to do is be forced into going along on a book tour to make sure things go smoothly. With the pair having their own reasons why they have to stick this job out, Carey and James vow to keep their bosses' secrets to themselves. But they soon realize that instead of trying to fix what's already broken, they could try building something new together.

As much as it pains me to say it, out of all the Christina Lauren books I've read, this was my least favorite. There wasn't anything necessarily wrong with it, it just lacked that signature magic the duo usually have. The story itself was alright, the relationship between Carey and James was fine but wasn't really anything to write home about. Honestly, it took me almost half the book to even really get into it. Despite not falling for this one as much as I have their others, I'd still recommend if you're a fan.

Rating: 3.5/5


  1. I've been on a big rom-com kick lately, so I'll have to check out the rest of Christina Lauren's books! Bummer this one wasn't anything special but I'm excited to read her other stuff now for sure.

    1. Definitely check them out! I recommend The Unhoneymooners, My Favorite Half-Night Stand and Josh & Hazel's Guide to Not Dating, but pretty much all of them are great haha

  2. oh shucks, I was hoping this one would be good. I still haven't read Twice in a Blue Moon, and now that everyone is stuck at home the waits on Libby for this one is 23 weeks. I was going to just buy it on my kindle but maybe I'll just wait it out!

    1. Yeah, it was cute just not my fave. Definitely just worth waiting for instead of buying.


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