Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A Fire Endless Review (Elements of Cadence, #2)

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One of my favorites books this year (and maybe of all time) was A River Enchanted by Rebecca Ross (review here), and I've been anticipating the follow-up, A Fire Endless, since the moment I finished it. 

*Potential spoilers ahead*

Pub Date: 12-6-22
Adult - Fantasy

The isle of Cadence has always been divided. The East and the West. The human world and the spirit world. The Breccans and the Tamerlaines. Jack Tamerlaine and his wife, Adaira, had hopes of striking a balance between the warring clans, but instead, they threw the island into even more disarray when long-buried secrets came to light. With Adaira over in the West struggling to find her place within the brutal Breccans and her new family, Jack is left adrift until he sings to the weakening fire spirits and is given a dangerous quest.

With Jack's mission taking him into the West to Adaira, Torin and Sidra must try to uncover the cause of a strange blight plaguing their land and people. When Sidra is infected, Torin strikes a bargain with the spirit world, and soon the entire group discovers something even more sinister is brewing. Bane, the vicious Northern Wind and king of the spirits, is determined to claim dominion over the whole island. With the island falling off-kilter, Jack and his friends must unite the humans and spirits together if they hope to stop Bane. But Jack knows first-hand the price one must pay for challenging Bane, and the sacrifice may be larger than anyone can bear.

As I mentioned, I couldn't wait to pick this book up. I did find the pacing slower than the first and thought it took longer for the plot to develop, but I was still hooked. The whole setting and atmosphere Ross created were so enchanting (no pun intended.) It somehow managed to feel cold and brutal yet warm and cozy all at the same time. The island is steeped in magic that's so intriguing, and I loved getting more glimpses into the spirit world. I also liked learning more about the backstory between the feuding clans and watching as Jack and Adaira fought so hard to bridge the divide. I was nervous toward the end because I wasn't sure how everything would wrap up, but it felt very satisfying and fitting. I loved following along with these characters and their journeys, and this has definitely become one of my favorite fantasy series.

Rating: 4/5

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