Well Traveled Review

Hello, all!

One of my favorite series is Well Met by Jen DeLuca, so I was pumped to receive a copy of the latest installment, Well Traveled. Big thanks to the publisher!

Pub Date: 12-6-22
Adult - Contemporary

Louisa "Lulu" Malone comes from a success-driven family and has dedicated years of her life to a job that will never appreciate her. When Lulu finally comes to this realization, she decides that she's had enough. Knowing that she needs a break from life, Lulu's cousin, Mitch, convinces her to escape with his friends to the Renaissance Faire. Lulu reluctantly agrees and soon finds herself hawking turkey legs and sleeping in a cramped motorhome with the Renn Faire Lothario himself, Dex MacLean. 

Dex MacLean is well-known on the Renn Faire circuit, not only for his family band, the Dueling Kilts but for having a girl at every stop. He's got that carefree, playboy persona down to a T, but the one person he isn't fooling is Lulu. For the first time in his life, a woman is immune to his charms, and Dex can't help but be intrigued. It doesn't take long for the pair to start opening up while stuck in such tight quarters, and soon Lulu is seeing another side to Dex that no one else has seen before. He's not just a pretty face like everyone says; he's driven and has plans for the future. Lulu knows her time on the road is dwindling, and her real life is catching up to her, but she can't help hoping those plans will include her.

I really enjoy this series. I find the Renn Faire setting so whimsical and charming, and it feels like getting a peek into a wacky summer camp. While I liked this latest installment, it wasn't my favorite. I thought it felt similar to the last book, especially with how Dex is perceived. He and Mitch both had that feeling of being portrayed as pretty faces with nothing of substance underneath, but then realizing they have so much more to give once you get to know them. Dex is also repeatedly referred to as this big playboy, but other than some flirting, he never really lived up to the rep. I did like him and Lulu and thought they worked well together. They both come from different worlds, so it was interesting seeing how they would find a balance. Though, I did think the ending resolution was a bit too convenient. Other than that, I thought this was fun but not the most memorable in the series.

Rating: 3/5


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