Throne of the Fallen Review

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Kerri Maniscalco is one of my auto-buy authors, so I was counting down the days until Throne of the Fallen was released.

Pub Date: 10-3-23
Adult - Fantasy

The Prince of Envy has been keeping a secret that could ruin everything. His court is in shambles, and trying to keep it together is taking a toll on his powers. When he receives a note heralding the start of a game, Envy knows this is his chance to set things right. Envy refuses to let anyone stand in the way of saving his court, especially not a gorgeous, hard-headed artist.

Miss Camilla Antonius is known in Waverly Green for her artwork. When her beloved father passed away, Camilla took over his gallery and spent her days behind a canvas. This talent also led to her getting blackmailed by a notorious rake. After being caught in a scandalous position, Camilla is forced into a bargain with Envy. Camilla has spent years hiding her true nature and knows this game could ruin everything. As Envy and Camilla journey through the Underworld, they're pitted against vicious foes, but the real danger lies in their growing attraction.

I enjoyed the Kingdom of the Wicked series, so I was excited to learn we were getting another book focusing on another Prince. I liked Envy, but he felt like a carbon copy of Wrath with a few tweaks. The real highlight here was Camilla. She was so fierce. She knew what she wanted and would do whatever to get it. I loved how she never backed down from Envy and wasn't afraid to rile him up. They had a very heated dynamic, and you were never sure whether they would strangle or kiss each other. There were a lot of steamy moments between them, but I would've liked more depth to their relationship. At times, it felt like all smut and no substance. As for the plot, it was terribly predictable and way too long. There was a chunk in the middle that felt like filler, and I found myself skim-reading to get through it. I was satisfied with how it all wrapped up, but it took a while to get there. Aside from that, I enjoyed this and am looking forward to seeing where it goes next.

Rating: 3/5


  1. A bit disappointing to hear! I am still really excited to read this one, but I felt like the last book in Kingdom of the Wicked was also very plot light and smut heavy :-(


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