Ruthless Vows Review (Letters of Enchantment, #2)

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One of my favorite reads of 2023 was Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross (review here), so I was highly anticipating the conclusion, Ruthless Vows.  

Pub Date: 12-26-23
YA - Historical Fantasy

Two weeks ago, Iris Winnow was a correspondent reporting from the front lines of a war between gods. Two weeks ago, Iris gave her heart to Roman Kitt, only for him to be ripped away from her by one of those gods. Now, Iris is back home in Oath, bruised and heartbroken but with a new determination. She'll do whatever it takes to get Roman back, even if it means heading back into the fray. Despite the dangers, Iris jumps at the chance to head back west and report on Dacre's movements, hoping it will bring her one step closer to Roman.

Roman Kitt woke underground with no memory of his past. He's told he was gravely injured but healed by Dacre's powers. He's advised his memories should return in time and gets enlisted to write articles for Dacre's cause. Unsure of his surroundings or who to trust, Roman does as he's told. But then he receives a letter through his wardrobe. As he begins exchanging letters with his mysterious pen pal, Roman starts to remember his life and must decide whether to stand with the god who saved his life or the woman who makes him feel alive.

Oh, my heart. It's fitting this series has the word 'enchantment' in the title because that's what it is: enchanting. Ross has this ability to pull you in with her writing and make you feel so deeply for these characters. I fell so hard for Iris and Roman in the first book, and that love only grew here. They have such a beautiful connection, and my heart was in my throat for most of this, worried about them. As for the plot, the beginning felt a bit slow, but the action ramped up by the end, and I couldn't read fast enough. I loved seeing more about the gods, their backstory, and what led to the war. I also found it interesting how Iris and Roman had their parts to play in ending it. I loved how Ross wrapped this series up, and while I'm sad it's over, I'm looking forward to returning to this story again.

Rating: 4/5


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