How to Solve Your Own Murder Review (Castle Knoll Files, #1)

Hello, all!

I love a good murder mystery and was excited to get a copy of How to Solve Your Own Murder by Kristen Perrin. Big thanks to the publisher!

Pub Date: 3-26-24
Adult - Mystery

In 1965, teenager Francis Adams learned how she would die by a fair-ground fortune teller. Her friends laughed it off as a joke, but Francis became obsessed with the dire prophecy. Her obsession will end up spanning most of her life, causing her to distrust those around her, desperate to solve her murder before it happens. Decades go by with no one believing her until her body is found.

Annie Adams is still determining why she has been summoned to the estate of her estranged great-aunt, but she's eager to meet Francis for the first time. When Annie arrives in the small village of Castle Knoll, she's shocked to discover her aunt has been murdered. As an aspiring mystery author, Annie is determined to uncover what happened, even more so when she finds out her family's inheritance is tied to whoever solves Francis's murder first. Thanks to Francis's years of snooping, Annie has tons of evidence that could point to many people in town, but will she narrow down the suspects before she becomes the next victim?

I had zero expectations going into this, but I loved it. The premise of a young mystery writer having to solve a murder case gave off such Murder, She Wrote-vibes, and I was here for it. Annie had the tenacity and cleverness of Jessica Fletcher, so I loved following her. I liked how she had moments of panic throughout the investigation because it made her feel more real. I also enjoyed how this was told in alternating timelines, so we got glimpses of Francis's life as a teen. It set the groundwork for the present-day storyline, and they blended so well together. I had no idea how the story would play out, so I was pleasantly surprised by how everything wrapped up. I'm happy to know this is the start of a series because I can't wait to see what comes next.

Rating: 4/5


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