The Address Review

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I got very into Fiona Davis last year after reading The Spectacular (review here), so I made it a mission to read her backlist, starting with The Address.

Pub Date: 8-1-17
Adult - Historical Fiction

In 1884, Sara Smythe knew that her meager life as a servant would never amount to much. But after a chance encounter with Theodore Camden, a new opportunity gets presented to her. Camden is an architect working on a new building in New York City called the Dakota and offers Sara a job as its manager. Sara jumps at the chance to move to America and soon finds herself swept up in the lavish lifestyle of the city, and with Theodore Camden. Sara has never related to anyone more than Theodore, and despite his wife and children, the pair can't deny their growing attraction. But will this love affair be Sara's downfall?

In 1985, Bailey Camden was fresh out of rehab, homeless, broke, and in desperate need of a break. Despite her grandfather being the ward of Theodore Camden, Bailey won't see a dime of the Camden family's fortune. Instead, her cousin offers her a job renovating her apartment at the Dakota. Bailey disagrees with her cousin's vision of changing the old glamour of the building, but she can still accept the money. As Bailey begins her renovations, she discovers a trunk full of belongings from the Camden family and a woman named Sara Smythe, who will question everything she knows about herself and her family.

There's always a chance with dual timeline stories that one will fall by the wayside, but that's never the case with Davis's books. She seamlessly weaves two storylines together in a way that's so cohesive and engaging. I loved reading from both POVs and thought Sara and Bailey were so alike in some ways despite the years between them. Both faced so many hardships and managed to persevere. I liked seeing how they were linked, even though it was obvious how it would play out. While it isn't my favorite of hers, it was still a solid read.

Rating: 3/5


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