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Hello, all!

You all know I love me a good candle. What I love even more are candles having to do with books. I had heard so many great things about Canterbury Road Co, which is a candle company that makes bookish candles, and I knew I just had to try them out.

Now, I will say it took me for-ev-er to actually order from them because every time I tried, their entire stock was sold out. I was scrolling through the Explore page on Instagram one night and I had seen a post about how they just restocked, and I immediately went to their Etsy shop and picked as many as I could.

Then, a few weeks later, this little package arrived at my door and I was so excited to see what all the hype was about. Before I go into the candles, I have to commend them for their shipping tactics. I was a little nervous about how they would stand up in the shipping process because a few times I've ordered candles online they've come broken, but each candle was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap and then again in tissue paper, and none even had a scratch.

I love fruity sweet scents, so I mainly stuck to those while scrolling through the candles and I ended up choosing 4 that I thought I would really like: Reading on the Porch, Queen of Badgers, The Hinterland and The Hating Game.

Reading on the Porch is a lovely blend of blackberry, peach and sweet tea. It smells exactly like how I think a big glass of Southern sweet tea would and I know it'll be great for summertime. Once I saw the Queen of Badgers one I knew I had to pick it up (Hufflepuff pride!), and it also has a hint of blackberry along with loyalty and honeysuckle. Honeysuckle is one of my favorite scents and it blends so nicely with the blackberry.

After just reading The Hazel Wood, I knew I had to pick up The Hinterland scent which is a combo of berry brambles (are you sensing a theme?), crisp air and green apples. I'm not quite sure how they did it, but it actually smells like a fall day at an apple orchard and it's wonderful. The last one I picked up was The Hating Game which is a mix of flamethrower red and strawberry shortcake. It was the latter that sold me; I absolutely love strawberry shortcake, so that was an instant yes. It doesn't smell overtly sweet, but like a nice slice of cake.

All in all, I definitely see the appeal in these candles. I got the 4oz versions, they also come in an 8oz option, and they're the perfect size for me. I've already started burning The Hinterland one and it burns evenly and the smell isn't overpowering and spreads around the room nicely. There's a few other ones I have my eye on, so I'll definitely be coming back to this shop. You can check out their Etsy shop here.


  1. I think I’m
    Going to need to try these !

  2. I love scented candles, and I love books, so how can I pass this up? I'll definitely check this shop out as I really like how they are neatly packaged.
    Thanks for sharing this!


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