How To Stop Time Review

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I had seen a ton of hype around How To Stop Time by Matt Haig, so I knew I just had to pick it up, and I'm so glad that I did.

The story centers around Tom Hazard, who may look like an ordinary 41-year old, but thanks to a rare medical condition, he's well over 400-years old. Tom has literally lived through history-- doing everything from performing with Shakespeare to having drinks with F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now, after centuries of living, he's ready to settle down in an ordinary life, but he finds that might not be as easy as he thinks.

With the help of Hendrich, the shady leader of The Albatross Society (or Albas) which is a group that helps keep people like Tom safe, Tom moves back to London to become a high school history teacher. Throughout his life, Tom has always tried to fly under the radar, but he finds that a bit hard when a captivating French teacher seems to be fascinated by finding out why he seems so familiar. Things get a bit tricky for Tom since the number one rule the Albas have is that one must never fall in love.

As painful memories of Tom's past rush in and the erratic behavior of Hendrich threaten to derail his new life and romance, it seems the one thing Tom can't have might be the only thing that can save him. Tom must decided whether he wants to stay stuck in the past, or begin to live in the present.

I loved this book. I thought the story was great and it blended the past with the present so nicely. The pacing was just right and it didn't feel slow or sluggish at any part. Normally, when you have a story based around someone who's lived for centuries, it's almost always a vampire or something along those lines, so it was refreshing that it was just a normal guy who just so happened to have this weird disease. If you're a fan of history or just want a quick fun read, I definitely recommend this one!


  1. What an interesting story. Feels like from the other point of view, when people usually want to live as long as they can, thus this one has lived enough. Loved your thoughts, I will definitely check this out!


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