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I got into Game of Thrones thanks to an old co-worker. He lent me the first season and I binged the entire thing within a weekend, and demanded the next that following Monday morning. I was hooked from then on. Seeing as how Sunday marks the premiere of the last season, I thought instead of doing my usual Top 5, I would do a Top 7 and dedicate the list to my favorite moments from each past season.

Now, there are so so many amazing moments that I had the hardest time narrowing down only one to showcase from each season. Not gonna lie, I got a bit anxious making this list because there were just too many to choose from. With that in mind, I decided I was just going to go with the first moment that popped into my head when I thought back. Obviously, some spoilers here if you haven't watched the show.

Season 1: Ned's Death- Oh, Sean Bean, you were taken too soon. There are so many deaths in Game of Thrones, and most way more gruesome than this, but I felt like Ned's death was so shocking because it made you see that literally no one is safe in this world. You can be as just and honorable as you want, but you're still gonna get the ax for it. This moment is one of the catalysts for all the conflict that comes next. Also, watching Sansa and Arya's reactions just breaks my heart.

Season 2: Jon and Ygritte- I was gonna go with the Battle of Blackwater for this season because that wildfire explosion was sick, but c'mon, Jon and Ygritte will always be top for me. Their whole relationship was everything and I loved every interaction between the two. It also gave us the phrase that became more and more true throughout the series, "You know nothing, Jon Snow."

Season 3: Jaime Opens up to Brienne- Yeah, Dany torching the slave masters was great, but we get to see the dragons breathe fire a lot. What we don't get to see much of is Jaime without his emotional armor, and that's exactly what he does here. He opens up to Brienne and tells her his side of what happened when he broke his oath and killed the Mad King. I felt like this was such a turning point not only in his character development, but for the blossoming relationship between the two as well.

Season 4: The Purple Wedding- We all know weddings aren't really joyous occasions in Westeros (I will never be over the Red Wedding).  And yes, of course, murder is wrong and you shouldn't be happy when someone dies, but man, did I celebrate once Joffrey finally bit it. I've read all the books, so I sort of knew what was coming, but actually seeing it unfold after seasons of Joffrey's abuse and cruelty was just so satisfying.

Season 5: Cersei's Walk of Shame- Throughout the whole series, Cersei always felt like she was untouchable, and this was the rudest wake up call. While having to walk naked throughout the city getting pelted with nasty remarks and even nastier objects may have humbled her a bit, you can tell it also fueled her fire to seek revenge on all the people who've wronged her.

Season 6: Battle of the Bastards- There are so many epic battles in this show it's hard to pick any favorites, but this one is definitely up there. The show really hyped this up as the battle to end all battles and I really felt like it delivered. It's fierce and unrelenting, and I always get claustrophobic watching Jon almost get trampled. You go through so many emotions during this battle, everything from utter horror at the thought of Jon and company losing to "THANK THE OLD GODS AND THE NEW" when you see the Knights of the Vale coming to help. It also leads to Sansa going all boss ass bitch and killing Ramsay which was another death that everyone was waiting for.

Season 7: Olenna's Confession- This was probably the hardest season for me to just pick one moment from because there were just so many good ones, but you can't beat the sharp tongue of the Queen of Thorns. I've loved Olenna from the moment she came into the show because she's never been afraid to speak exactly what was on her mind. The fact that Jaime was trying to give her a quick, almost merciful, death with the poisoned wine, and she just downed it before dropping the bomb of killing Joffrey solidified her place as the most badass in all of Westeros.

Ahh, that was way harder than I thought. I can't wait to see what this final season brings. I just know that my heart is going to break no matter what, but I'm also super excited. Let me know some of your favorite moments or what you're looking forward to for this season!


  1. Awesome list! Ned and Joffrey's death and Cersei's walk of shame would definitely be up there for me as the most memorable. I really liked Jaime and Brienne's relationship too. A lot of moments with Daenerys stand out to me like walking through fire for the first time and saying goodbye to Jorah.

    1. Thanks, Katy! Daenerys is one of my favorite characters, so I had such a hard time just picking one moment of hers that I loved. I definitely should've included when she burnt all the Khals though, cause I was all about that!

  2. Ahh.. So hard to pick only a few favorutie scenes. I think I'd have to include the Red wedding in my list, and the moment Dany walks into the fire and emerges fwith her dragons. Also when Arya kills all the Frays. Gah, too many good moments!

    Emma |

    1. Right?! It was impossible to pick! I can't believe I did this to myself haha

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