The Library of the Unwritten Review

Hello, all!

As a self-proclaimed book addict, any stories that revolve around books and/or libraries are immediately added to my TBR. The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith was no exception. Big thank you to Ace Books for the copy!

Pub Date: 10-1-19
Adult- Fantasy
Have you ever wondered where all the unwritten novels go when their author's put them down? They end up residing in the Unwritten Wing in Hell, and Claire is the Head Librarian who takes care of them. Claire's main job duties include repairing and general upkeep of the books, and keeping a close eye to make sure the restless stories don't end up materializing straight out of their books and escaping the library. After one such incident, Claire, along with her cheerful apprentice and a naive demon messenger boy, must track down and capture a missing Hero who left his story in hopes of tracking down its author. What starts out as a routine rescue mission, soon turns topsy turvy when the group cross paths with a terrifying angel.

Ramiel was once an important figure in Heaven. He was one of the original Watchers, but is now stuck manning the check-in desk before the Gates of Heaven after falling from God's good graces. After a recent soul shows up waving a piece of the Devil's Bible, a text that would be a powerful weapon in the hands of either Heaven or Hell, Ramiel is sent out on a mission to find the rest before Hell's minions get it first. Ramiel has a lot riding on this mission, but the longer he's on the hunt for the pages, the more he begins to second guess whether or not he's truly on the righteous side.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. The entire premise was so solid and so well done. The characters are fully formed, interesting, and work well separately and together. Claire was headstrong and resilient, and watching her journey through literal Hell, was so fascinating. I also loved how there were twists I didn't expect, and even though the battle between Heaven and Hell can get a little heavy, there's a lightness and humor woven throughout that makes for the perfect balance. This was a clever, fast-paced adventure and a definite read for any book lover.

Rating: 4/5


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