Twice in a Blue Moon Review

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I fell in love with Christina Lauren after I read The Unhoneymooners, so I was dying to read their newest release, Twice in a Blue Moon. Huge thank you to Netgalley for the copy!

Pub Date: 10-22-19
Adult - Contemprary

Tate Jones was eighteen when her whole world changed. During a vacation abroad in London with her grandma, Tate met Sam Brandis, a charming 21-year old who just so happened to be staying at the same hotel. Tate and Sam spent every moment they could together, learning about one another, sharing their hopes, dreams, and in Tate's case, their biggest secrets. Tate is the daughter of one of the worlds most famous actors, who hasn't been publicly seen since her parent's messy divorce. She's spent her life since being someone else and only a handful of people know who she truly is. Sam is the first person she's ever felt comfortable enough to let in on her big secret. She was very wrong. Sam was Tate's first everything: first love, first time, and first heartbreak.

Now, fourteen years later, Tate, a big up-and-coming actress, just landed a major break out role and doesn't have time to dwell on her lost love. When she arrives on set, Sam Brandis is the very last person she expected to see. Tate is shocked to discover that Sam happens to be the screenwriter for the film, and he's just as handsome and charismatic as he was all those years ago. Tate is now forced to confront his betrayal head on, and must ask herself if doing something bad for the right reason is enough to put the past behind her, especially when old feelings start to stir up.

Christina Lauren just have a way of making me swoon. Seriously, I would love to just live in one of their worlds. Tate feels so real and relatable, and her actions seem genuine. Sam, despite his mistakes, never stopped loving Tate and does everything he can to make her see the error of his ways. I will say that I do think Tate seemed to forgive him a bit quicker than I thought she should've, but hey, it's fictional and all. My other issue was that I didn't feel any resolution when it came to the drama at the end. I feel if we saw that conclusion this would've been a full 5 star read for me. Other than that, I loved this and flew through it. I loved the setting, both London and the movie set in the woods. The humor and dialogue were spot on. I also really enjoyed how you got little excerpts from the movie script as they were shooting the film. I thought that was a nice touch. All in all, another great story by this dynamic duo.

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. omg I cannot wait to read this. I always eat up their books in like a day and I've had this on my goodreads ever since you told me about them in the spring!!! Cant wait!


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