Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Top 5: Fictional Witches

Hello, all!

'Tis the witchy season, so I figured what better way to celebrate than to dedicate this Top 5 to some of my favorite witches.

1. Sabrina Spellman: My love of this sassy teenage witch started way back when I was a kid. My mom would take my brother and I to the local comic book store, and I would get the mystery bag comics (basically, a paper bag filled with about 5 comics that you never knew what they were until you opened them). They were almost always filled with Archie comics, and the Sabrina ones were my favorite. From there, I was an avid watcher of the 90s show, which later turned to the darker Netflix adaptation. Even though she's a witch, she's also just trying to be a regular teenager and that always made for the most ridiculous antics.

2. Willow Rosenberg: Ok, so Willow once tried to destroy the whole word, but she did it for love, so at least her intentions were sorta honorable? Dark Willow aside, she is probably my favorite part of the Scooby gang and I loved watching her growth throughout the series.

3. Hermione Granger: As if I could have a list of witches and not include the brightest witch of her age. Hermione has all the qualities I admire in a character: she's smart, loyal, compassionate and not afraid to stand her ground. I would just love to hang with her in the Hogwarts library and roll our eyes at Harry and Ron over our massive book piles.

4. Piper Halliwell: The Halliwell sisters may have been stronger as the Power of Three, but I always loved Piper the most. She always seemed like the most level-headed out of the sisters, and she's the only one who not only grew more powerful throughout the series, but who also had a family of her own. Plus, I just wish I could've had the power to freeze and blow things up.

5. The Sanderson Sisters: You can't have Halloween without these witchy sisters. While Winnie is obviously the most powerful (and smartest), I think all three of them really round each other out. And who can resist calling out "Booo-ooook" or "AMUCK! AMUCK! AMUCK!" at any given opportunity?

Let me know who your picks would be!


  1. I recently referenced Sabrina the Teenage witch to my friend at work while discussing my never ending search failures for a husband. One episode had Sabrina's aunt make her dining room table into a 'build your own husband" center and she cast a spell w/ just the right characteristics of a boyfriend that she wanted. I want to do the same thing..new life goal :) lol

  2. also my roommates call me the red headed sanderson sister bc when I wake up my hair always looks like hers lol

    1. Hahaha, I love all of this. And let's make that "build your own husband" thing a reality next time you're home.