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Have you ever saw a book and thought, "Nah, this doesn't look interesting" and then you actually pick it up and realize you were so wrong? That's how I feel about Beach Read by Emily Henry. I can't believe I almost passed this one up!

Pub Date: 5-19-20
Adult - Contemporary

January Andrews has always been an optimist. She's always looked on the bright side of things, and truly believed that love could conquer all. Even when her mother was battling cancer for the second time, she believed her family would make it through based on the love they had for one another. Then, at her father's funeral, she learns it was all a lie. Her father had been cheating on her mother, and had another home in Michigan with That Woman. Needing to get away from reality, January goes to her father's beach house to try and write the newest romance novel she's been putting off. What she wasn't expecting was to become neighbors with her college rival, the frustratingly handsome author, Augustus Everett.

The pair could not be more different. January writes novels with HEAs, and Gus typically kills his characters off. But besides being stuck as neighbors, they both have writer's block as well. One night, they come to a deal to get over their respective ruts: January will write a hard hitting literary fiction and Gus will write a happy romance. They each take turns taking the other out on "research trips" to help the other get a feel for their genre, but it doesn't take long before these trips spark more than just creativity for the pair.

I loooved this. Right from the very start, I was fully invested in this story. I really admired January's outlook on the world, I tend to lean more towards Gus's pessimistic approach, but seeing them both interact and better one another was so lovely. They each had something big in their lives to come to terms with, and helped the other overcome it, and it made their relationship that much better. My favorite part of the whole thing though was the banter, it was just so so good. It was snarky and adorable, and I loved every second of it. Overall, if you're looking for something fun with characters and a story line that feels real and believable, definitely pick this one up.

Rating: 5/5


  1. ohhhhhhhhhh I'm going to have to give this one a read. Love me a good chick lit with sassy banter!


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