Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Let's Talk: Moose Springs, Alaska Series

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Have you ever just fallen completely head over heels for a series? That's how I feel with the Moose Springs books by Sarah Morgenthaler. She has quickly stolen my heart with these characters and stories, and I'm so here for it. I picked up the first book on a whim, devoured it in a day, and then immediately requested the second from Netgalley, so big thanks to them for the copy. Now, I'm impatiently waiting for the third because I can't get enough!

Let's get onto the books.

Pub Date: 5-5-20
Adult - Contemporary

The Tourist Attraction: Zoey Caldwell has always dreamed of going to Alaska. After finally saving enough money to join her friend on a two-week trip, she's beyond thrilled. Their first stop? The Tourist Trap diner, which has become quite a staple in Moose Springs for its reindeer dogs, Growly Bears, and its grumpy owner, Graham Barnett. Graham is well-known for his intolerance of the endless string of resort visitors, but he can't stop himself from being drawn to the tiny, bespectacled, overly-enthusiastic Zoey. When the pair start spending time together, it's clear to see that the scenery isn't the only thing about Moose Springs that has Zoey smitten. But with Zoey's vacation timeline dwindling fast, the pair must decide if this is just a fling or if the feelings they both share are something more.

I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this! It was so sweet and fun. Zoey had that charmingly quirky appeal (without being too over the top), and Graham had that grump with a heart of gold demeanor that is my absolute favorite. He also has a dog that he dresses up and treats like his child, which I mean, could he be any more of my dream guy? The pair balanced each other out so well, and it was a joy watching their relationship grow and develop into something more. The banter in this was also top-notch and kept me fully entertained. I loved the Alaskan setting, it lent so much to the atmosphere of the story. There were some moments that felt repetitive in regards to the drama that the end of Zoey's trip presents, but it wasn't enough to lessen my overall enjoyment. If you're looking for a cute, less ~steamy~ rom-com, pick this up.

Rating: 5/5

Pub Date: 10-6-20
Adult - Contemporary

Mistletoe & Mr. Right: Lana Montgomery is everything the people of Moose Springs dislikes: she's rich, comes across a tad stuck-up, and oh yeah... she bought their entire town to build upscale condominiums to bring even more tourists to the already packed small town. But if Lana is anything it's determined. She refuses to let the town's collective unease towards her bring her down. She'll do anything to prove to them that she has their best interests at heart-- even if that means tracking down the elusive Santa Moose that stalks the town at night destroying any holiday decorations in its path. After accidentally shooting Rick Harding, the handsome pool hall owner, with a tranquilizer gun, Lana concedes to the fact that she may need a little help in her endeavor. With Rick on her side, Lana is sure the town will warm up to her, she just didn't count on Rick stirring up warm feelings inside herself as well.

Thanks to the first book, we already have an idea who Lana is and why the town isn't her biggest fan. She has all these big dreams for this small town that she loves so much, so it's a bit sad to see how little regard the people have for her. We also got a small taste of Rick, but this one dives more into his backstory and I enjoyed learning about him and all that he's been through. He and Lana balanced each other well, and I loved seeing their relationship grow. It was just so cute. There were so many funny moments in this (I mean, if the accidental tranq gun shooting wasn't enough, there's a scene at a creepy B&B filled with taxidermy squirrels), but also tons of heartwarming ones as well. Again, Morgenthaler mixes humor and heart in such a lovely way. Of course, it had its predictable moments, but I for one am so sold on this series, that it doesn't even phase me. If you're looking for a cute holiday read, pick this up.

Rating: 4.5/5

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