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Hello, all!

I got fully vaccinated at the beginning of May, so I celebrated with a little trip to Virginia. Me and two friends went to visit another friend (the three of them had been vaccinated long before me) and we had such a lovely time just relaxing and hanging out, but the highlight for me was McKay Used Books. What a mecca of used books it was! I honestly blacked out from excitement the moment I stepped through the doors, so much so that I actually bought two of the same book without even realizing it until I came back home.

The store was decently sized (it took up most of a shopping center) and I didn't even get to check out all they had since by the time I hit up the horror, fantasy, and romance sections, it was almost two hours later and my cart was already overflowing. So, obviously, now I have another reason to go back and visit more!

Here's what I picked up- let me know if you're read any of them!

1. Firestarter- Stephen King
2. Rose Madder- Stephen King
3. The Drawing of the Three- Stephen King
4. Chasing Cassandra- Lisa Kleypas
5. Suddenly You- Lisa Kleypas
6. Mine Till Midnight- Lisa Kleypas
7. Love in the Afternoon- Lisa Kleypas
8. The Secret- Julie Garwood
9. Daughter of the Night- Elaine Bergstrom
10. The Path of Daggers- Robert Jordan
11. A Crown of Swords- Robert Jordan
12. Ship of Magic - Robin Hobb
13. Mad Ship- Robin Hobb
14. Ship of Destiny- Robin Hobb
15. Fool's Errand- Robin Hobb
16. Crossroads of Twilight- Robert Jordan
17. Winter's Heart- Robert Jordan
18. A Feast for Crows- George R.R. Martin
19. A Storm of Swords-George R.R. Martin
20. A Clash of Kings- George R.R. Martin
21. A Game of Thrones- George R.R. Martin
22. The Stand- Stephen King

If anyone knows of any good used books stores on Long Island/NYC, please let me know! 


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    1. I've never reading anything by her yet, but I've heard such good things!


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