2021 Reading Wrap-Up

Hello, all!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I blinked and 2021 was over. I didn’t think that I was going to top my reading from last year, but then I became a permanent work-from-homer, my mental health took a slight nosedive for a bit, and the world started going downhill again, which all contributed to a grand total of 286 books read for this year.

I had mentioned in my wrap up for last year that I wanted to try and find another way of tracking my reading that would break it down more in-depth than what GoodReads provides. I ended up finding a great log from Book Riot (here's a link to their 2022 Reading Log if anyone's interested!), and I loved seeing my reading all broken out! I’m not going to go through all the stats, but I wanted to highlight a few:

Book Source: I’m hoping to keep this going and utilize the library even more next year. I also want to try and read more of my own TBR.

Genre: I always knew that fantasy and contemporary were my most read genres, but I loved seeing it broken down. This also helped me see what genres I don’t gravitate towards (I love sci-fi movies, but sci-fi books not so much) and what I’d like to read more of (lookin’ at you, non-fiction.)

Format: I always thought that I read more physical books than anything, so I was a little surprised at how well-balanced this turned out to be.

Audience: I just thought this one was interesting to see where my overall tastes leaned towards.

Now for my favorites of the year:

Enjoy the View- Sarah Morgenthaler: This is the third installment in the Moose Springs, Alaska series. This contemporary series is full of fun banter and steamy scenes, and the imagery makes me want to hop a flight to Alaska ASAP.

A Court of Silver Flames- Sarah J. Maas: Like pretty much everyone else, I’d been dying to get a Nesta/Cassian story, and SJM more than delivered. The character and emotional development were stunning, and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite in the series so far.

The Nightingale- Kristin Hannah: I’m not typically an emotional reader. I don’t usually get choked up when I know that something is fake, but when I tell you this book got me good. This is one of the best historical fictions I’ve ever read.

The Witch’s Heart- Genevieve Gornichec: I was a little hesitant going into this one since I’m not familiar with Norse mythology, but the writing was so accessible. It was such a beautifully written story about family, love, betrayal, and the strength of a woman. I’m excited to pick up whatever else Gornichec comes out with.

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels- India Holton: This was one of those books where I hadn’t even gotten 50 pages in before I knew it was going to be a favorite. The writing was so sharp and clever and had me laughing out loud. I’m also a sucker for a sassy leading lady and Cecilia had it in spades.

Very Sincerely Yours- Kerry Winfrey: Have you ever felt like a book was written for you? That’s how I felt about this one. It had such You’ve Got Mail meets Mr. Rogers vibes and I adored it. I related so much to both Teddy and Everett, and I thought their relationship was the sweetest.

My Cone and Only- Susannah Nix: Not only did this have a friends-to-lovers trope, but it was also the brother’s best friend trope, which I’m starting to realize I kinda love. The dynamic between Andie and Wyatt was effortless and their chemistry was off the charts. The next book in this companion series comes out next month, and you can bet I’ve already requested a copy through my library.

For Your Own Good- Samantha Downing: I don’t usually give thrillers 5 stars, but this one was well-deserved. I had such a fun time reading this. You pretty much know right off the bat who the killer is, but the anticipation of whether they’ll get away with it keeps you turning the pages. It was so fast paced and entertaining. It’s also being turned into a show on HBO and I can’t wait.

They Never Learn- Layne Fargo: Here’s another thriller that fully lived up to the hype. I’m not one to condone violence, but I spent the entire time reading this like, “Good for you!” This is chock full of morally gray characters that you know you shouldn’t root for, yet you do anyway.

Kingdom of the Cursed- Kerri Maniscalco: I will read anything that Maniscalco puts out. I love her writing style and the way she completely pulls you into the story. I thought this second book was solid and even more entertaining than the first. There were some bits I was able to figure out, but overall, I loved it and can’t wait for the next book.

Lore Olympus, Vol. 1- Rachel Smythe: I read this webtoon every week, so I was thrilled when I heard it was coming out in print. It’s such a fun take on Hades and Persephone and I can’t get enough.

Always Only You- Chloe Liese: I’ve only recently gotten into Liese’s books, but each one I pick up gets better and better. Not only does she craft enjoyable characters/storylines, but the breadth of representation in her books is unlike any other romance I've read. I related to this one so much since I also have rheumatoid arthritis like Frankie, so I could sympathize with what she was going through. This one is also a contender for the best book boyfriend award since Ren was everything.

Now, onto some goals for next year!

-Pace myself and read slower: I’ve always been a very fast reader, which on one hand is great because it means I can consume a lot of books, but it also means I don’t always remember what I read. If I read a book in January, there’s a 75-80% chance I’ll forget most of it by June. I could tell you if I liked it or not, but mostly everything else goes out the window. This is probably going to be a difficult habit for me to break because I’m so used to finishing a book and immediately picking up another, but I really want to try and stick to it.

-Read 150 books: Clearly, I always set my reading goal too low since the past few years I’ve blown past it, but I think this is a good benchmark, and one that is still achievable if I stick to my first goal of slowing down my reading.

-Read more non-fiction: This was one of my goals last year as well and I failed, so I want to bring it over to 2022.

-Start a BookTube channel (?): I've been watching BookTube for a few years now and have been toying with the idea of starting my own for almost as long. The main reason I talk myself out of it is because I'm not the most tech savvy person, so I know the editing/making thumbnails part will be frustrating, but we'll see. Let me know what you all think!

Let me know how you’re reading year went or some goals you have for next year!


  1. I would 100% watch your BookTube channel if you decide to start one! Your format pie chart is so evenly balanced! I also really loved A Court of Silver Flames, Kingdom of the Cursed, For Your Own Good and Lore Olympus! The Witch's Heart is very high on my TBR for next year :-D You had a fantastic reading year!

    1. Thanks, girl! I find that chart so satisfying lol. I hope you like The Witch's Heart!


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