August OwlCrate Review

Hello, all!

The theme for this month was "Steeped in Folklore." Unfortunately, I found this box pretty lackluster, but let's get into it.

First up, we had this tapestry inspired by Uprooted. I like the colors in this, but I don't hang tapestries, so I won't get any use out of this.

Next up, there was this origami kit inspired by Six Crimson Cranes. Again, this isn't something I ever see myself using, so I'll be passing this along as well.

We also received the next bowl in their LOTR collection. I wish these were for a different fandom because I love the quality of them, but I'm just not a LOTR fan, so I always re-home these.

The latest enamel pin in their Literary Luggage collection was inspired by Fable, and I think the design and colors are very summer and cute.

Yet another item I don't foresee myself using was this zipper pull inspired by The Wolf and the Woodsman. Does anyone really have a use for one of these?

 The only item besides the book that I'll be keeping from here was this banana bread flavored tea. I don't usually like banana bread, but I've liked the majority of the teas that they've sent, so I'm intrigued enough to try it out.

The book this month was The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones. This lush, atmospheric fantasy is based on Welsh mythology and follows Mererid, the last living water diviner, who is on the run from the prince. Mer then gets a proposition from an old friend to use her powers to bring down the very prince that abused them both. To do so, Mer enlists the help of a ragtag crew to help her destroy the magical well that keeps the prince’s lands safe.

All I really needed to hear was that this is a magical heist novel, and I was sold. I'm such a sucker for that trope, so I can't wait to pick this up. Lemme know what you thought of this months box!


  1. Did you already rehome the Rivendell bowl? My daughter would like to buy it from you if you haven't. She got the other four bowls but not this one. 😕


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