Love and Other Words Review

Hello, all!

Remember when I said I'm so behind on my reviews? Yeah, I read Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren back in February  😅

Pub Date: 4-10-18
Adult - Contemporary

Not many people find their soulmates when they're a teen, but Macy Sorensen did. After the death of her mother, her father thought it would be a good idea to buy a vacation house that he and Macy could visit whenever life got too hectic, and the first time Macy met Elliot Petropoulos, the gangly, nerdy next-door neighbor, was when she found him reading in her closet. The pair instantly bonded over their love of books and would spend every hour Macy was up there reading and telling each other their favorite words. Soon, the pair's relationship turns into something more, but an unfortunate incident causes them to stop speaking.

Now, eleven years later, Macy is working as a pediatrics resident and engaged. Her fiancé may not be who she pictured for herself, but she's learned the hard way to never trust her heart to another. But when Macy runs into Elliot, the carefully planned life she's made for herself starts to crumble. As the pair start reconnecting, they discover both have different memories of what pulled them apart, but one thing is for sure: they never stopped loving one another. But with so much of the past left unsaid, will Elliot be able to convince Macy that they've been each other's futures all along?

Shame on me for waiting so long to pick up this book because it was stunning. The author duo always nails it when it comes to fun banter and playful relationships, and while this had all that, it was also so tender and sweet. It felt like such an honest look at falling in love for the first time and all the highs and lows that come with it. I loved how it's told in alternating timelines of when Macy and Elliot were teens and then as adults because you get a sense of what they mean to one another, and the impact they had on each other's lives. Watching them go from friends to lovers to strangers back to lovers was so beautiful. Every interaction between them felt raw, and I loved how open and honest they were. This is easily my new favorite book by them, and I'd like my own Elliot, thank you very much.

Rating: 5/5


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