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Hello, all!

As you all know The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood was one of my favorite reads of last year (review here), so I'm thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for Love on the Brain.

Pub Date: 8-23-22
Adult - Contemporary

Bee Königswasser has dreamt of the day when she can run her own lab, so she couldn't be more thrilled when she lands her dream job at NASA. That is until she finds out she'll be co-leads on the neuroengineering project with her graduate school nemesis. Bee can make friends with a brick wall, but the one person she's never been able to crack is Levi Ward. For reasons unknown to Bee, Levi has disliked her from the moment they met. Bee is determined to keep her head down and spend the next three months being professionally civil, but if only being around Levi didn't make her head fuzzy.

When Bee and her assistant arrive at NASA to find nothing but roadblocks and red tape awaiting them, Bee knows Levi must be behind the delay. But when she confronts her hulking co-lead, she finds him sympathetic to her plight. And what's more confusing is Levi continuously backing her ideas and plans up in meetings and staring at her with those intensely green eyes of his. Could it be there's more to Levi than Bee gave him credit for?

I've enjoyed everything that Hazelwood's put out, and this was no exception. Like in her previous works, all the talk of science and engineering go way over my head, but I still found myself taken by the story. Mostly, that has to do with her characters. I love how unabashedly geeky they all are. Bee was quirky, and I liked her love of Marie Curie and cat puns. Levi was sweet and a little broody. Watching them bond over cats, vegan food, and Star Wars was adorable. I thought they worked so well together, but I don't think this should be classified as enemies-to-lovers as it was more of a miscommunication. My only critiques were that certain scenes felt too similar to The Love Hypothesis, and I thought the third act conflict was a bit over-the-top. Other than that, I thought this was so fun.

Rating: 4/5


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