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Pub Date: 5-24-22
Adult - Historical Romance

A Daring Pursuit- Kate Bateman:
Most women of the ton would go to whatever lengths to secure an advantageous marriage-- all but Carys Davies. Carys knows that staying single is the only way to keep her secret hidden and her family's name free from ruin. Carys has spent the last two years scandalizing the population with her outrageous wardrobe and strong-willed personality attempting to deter potential suitors. Carys may seem carefree and confident on the outside, but one person has always been able to see through the act. Tristan Montgomery and Carys have been rivals since they were young and will go out of the way to push each other's buttons. But when Tristan uncovers Carys's secret, he's determined to help. Even if that means agreeing to clandestine meetings to help show Carys what she's missing when it comes to bed sport. Neither expects their tryst to last longer than the agreed-upon week, but it gets harder to ignore the attraction burning between them.

I've only read one other book by Bateman, but I can tell she's going to be an all-time favorite. Her writing is so witty and entertaining. She has a way of creating characters that feel believable and real. I love how feisty and independent her female characters are, while her male characters toe that line of being so charming you don't know whether to kiss or strangle them. Carys and Tristan fit that description to a T. I loved how Carys was willing to do whatever to save her family's name even if that meant sacrificing her happiness. Her banter with Tristan was everything, and you could tell that they both loved the other right off the bat but were too stubborn to admit it. I do think the end wrapped up a little too quickly for me, but other than that, I thought the chemistry was great, the writing was great, and it was a fun time.

Rating: 4/5

Pub Date: 10-5-21
Adult - Fantasy

A Spindle Splintered- Alix E. Harrow: When she was younger, an industrial accident in her area left Zinnia Gray with a rare condition and the knowledge that she wouldn't live past her twenty-first birthday. Growing up, Zinnia became obsessed with fairy tales, namely Sleeping Beauty, so her best friend, Charm, is determined to give Zinnia the best last birthday, complete with an abandoned tower and spinning wheel. But when Zinnia jokingly pokes her finger on the spindle, she finds herself transported to a magical land and met with another cursed sleeping beauty. Now, Zinnia will have to team up with the princess to help her escape her fate if she hopes to find her way back home.

Novellas can be hit-or-miss for me, but this one was fun! I liked how there were nods to fairy tales, but it was ultimately a story about breaking the mold. Zinnia and Primrose, along with the other beauties, take charge of their destinies and remake them into something of their own creation. However, I wish the characters were fleshed out more so we could see more depth. Also, I thought the disability representation in this was well done. Harrow not only showcased all the numerous doctor's appointments and medicines someone with illness experiences but also how they're treated by those around them. While I would've liked to have more meat to the plot/characters, I still enjoyed this and will most likely pick up the next book.

Rating: 3/5

Pub Date: 3-22-22
Adult - Sci-Fi/Contemporary

The Impossible Us- Sarah Lotz: Nick thought he was sending a foul-mouthed email to a client trying to dip out of payment, but his email's inadvertently directed to Bee instead. The pair have nothing in common: Nick is a failed writer, husband, and decent dog owner, and Bee spends more time working on her business of repurposing wedding dresses rather than finding love, but they both decide to keep the conversation going. With each email, the pair start to open up more and a real connection starts to flourish. The pair decide to meet to see if they have the same spark in person as they do online. But when that fails spectacularly, Bee and Nick discover that they're living in near-identical but parallel worlds. If they can't be with each other, Nick and Bee come up with a plan to find each other in their world instead. It isn't as easy as it sounds, and Nick and Bee will discover how far they'll go for true love.

This had such a unique premise. I loved the idea of two strangers falling in love and then finding out they were in two different worlds. It made the story feel so bittersweet. I liked Nick and Becca and thought they had such an ease about them. They had fun and easy banter, and I loved reading their email exchanges. I didn't fully buy into their chemistry, but it was alright. I did enjoy the plot overall, but there were a lot of moments that frustrated me because I didn't like the way Nick and Bee acted. Particularly when it came to them trying to seduce each other's doppelgängers. I get their reasoning behind it, but I felt it was manipulative and mean. I also found this slightly too long and the plot started to feel repetitive. Other than that, I liked the ending and would recommend it if you enjoy sci-fi/multiverse stories.

Rating: 3/5


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