Business or Pleasure Review

Hello, all!

You can bet that if Rachel Lynn Solomon writes a book, I'll be picking it up. Big thanks to the publisher for the copy of her latest release, Business or Pleasure!

Pub Date: 7-4-23
Adult - Contemporary

Being a ghostwriter isn't Chandler Cohen's dream, but it pays the bills. But when she attends a signing for a book she wrote, and the author doesn't recognize her, Chandler is left rethinking everything. In the mood to wallow, Chandler grabs a drink at a bar where she meets a charming guy and immediately hits it off. The sexual tension between them is hard to ignore, and Chandler finds herself sneaking out of his hotel room hours later after the worst hookup of her life. Chandler is ready to move on and put the awkward encounter behind her but finds it hard to do when the man turns out to be the actor she's been hired to write for.

Finn Walsh is a C-list actor best known for his role as an adorkable nerd on a popular teen werewolf show. Finn is now mostly known for appearances at fan conventions all over the country, but he has a story to tell, and he wants Chandler to be the one to write it. Chandler is determined to keep things as professional as possible, but when Finn finds out she was left unsatisfied after their night together, the pair strike up a deal: when they aren't working on his book, Chandler will teach Finn how to take his bedroom skills up a notch. But when real feelings start growing, the pair learn that maybe there's a reason you don't mix business with pleasure.

Something Solomon never fails to do is charm me. I always have such a fun time reading her romances. I loved the premise of this one, and it was brimming with Solomon's signature wit. The banter between her characters is always on point, the relationships feel honest, and the characters always feel fleshed out. Chandler and Finn were so open and vulnerable with one another. Their relationship felt very mature, and I loved how they communicated their needs with one another. Aside from the romance, I found the plot engaging as well. It was fun seeing all the fan conventions, but my favorite aspect was the mental health representation. I thought Solomon did a nice job shining a light on OCD in a respectful manner. There were a few pacing issues and overuse of pop culture references, but other than that, I really liked this.

Rating: 4/5


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