The Last Heir to Blackwood Library Review

Hello, all!

Are there any authors who you feel should get more hype? For me, it's Hester Fox. I've enjoyed all of her books, and her latest release, The Last Heir to Blackwood Library was no exception.

Pub Date: 4-4-23
Adult - Historical Fiction

After losing her family, Ivy Radcliffe is left with only a cramped room in a boarding house that she shares with her best friend. But then Ivy receives a mysterious letter that changes everything. Suddenly, Ivy finds herself the sole heir to an estate called Blackwood Abbey. Ivy has never heard of the house or the ancient bloodline she's supposedly descended from, but with nothing keeping her in London, Ivy packs up her meager belongings and heads to the Yorkshire moors.

When Ivy gets to Blackwood Abbey, nothing is as she expected. The manor is cold and unwelcoming, and the servants are antsy and suspicious. The one highlight is the abbey's magnificent library. As a book lover, Ivy can't wait to spend all her days curled by the fire, reading to her heart's content. But instead of becoming her refuge, the library soon becomes Ivy's downfall. She begins to experience strange headaches, nosebleeds, and forgetfulness. Soon, Ivy learns about the abbey's dark history tied to a cursed manuscript hidden in its walls and the toll it takes on her family. Will Ivy be able to rid the abbey of evil before she loses herself forever?

My favorite thing about any of Fox's books is the atmosphere. She has this way of transporting you to whatever time and place she's describing. Everything plays out like a movie in your head, and it's so compelling. I felt like I was in this big, sprawling abbey with Ivy searching for ghosts. I love books about books or libraries and loved how Fox made this one feel so sinister. You could feel the tension in the air every time Ivy walked into the room, and it made you want to keep reading to find out why. At times I felt I was missing chunks of the story, but that could've been deliberate, given what Ivy was going through and the effects the library had on her. Other than that, I thought this was a solid and enjoyable read, and I'd recommend it if you like Gothic-inspired, spooky reads.

Rating: 3.5/5


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