Harry Potter Exhibit

Hello, all!

If you're new here: hi, hello, I'm Heather, and I'm a massive Harry Potter fan. Once I heard that there was a new exhibit in Herald Square, I knew I needed to take a trip to NYC to see it. 

I loved this exhibit. It was chock full of props, costumes, and locations from the movies. It was also super interactive. You got a band when you walked in, and you could fill out your name, Hogwarts house, and even pick your wand and Patronus. There were also little stations throughout where you could earn house points. There are also so many fun photo ops all over.

This is only here for a limited time, so if you're a fan in the NY area, I recommend checking it out. You can head over to their website here!

You can check out all of my (many) photos below!


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