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Pub Date: 3-28-23
Adult - Historical Fantasy

The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill- Rowenna Miller: Many people don't believe in faerie superstition, but Alaine Fairborns family knows them to be true. After all, they owe their entire livelihood to a faerie bargain. The veil between worlds is thinner on the Fairborn's property, and they have been making small trades with the fae for years. Whether to find something lost or for a better harvest that year. When Delphine, Alaine's sister, confides that her new husband isn't the man she thought, Alaine is determined to help her escape. Alaine knows that trading small favors will only give them so much time, and they'll have to sacrifice something big. But will freedom be worth the price?

Honestly, this was a complete cover buy for me. Once I read the synopsis, I thought it'd be right up my alley. I love historical fantasy, and I love stories about the fae. Sadly, this one didn't hit the mark. I was so bored. Nothing about the plot kept my attention, so it felt like the book took ages to end. There were so many times I thought about DNF'ing it, but I kept hoping it would get better. It took forever for anything to happen, and once it did, it all felt so predictable. I did enjoy the fae lore, and Miller's writing was beautiful, but it was just too slow.

Rating: 2/5

Pub Date: 6-21-22
YA - Fantasy

This Wicked Fate- Kalynn Bayron: When Briseis' mother was taken, she received a seemingly impossible task from the goddess Hecate: to find the last fragment of the Absyrtus Heart. Briseis and her family have been the guardians of this deadly plant for generations and have sacrificed everything to keep it safe from those who would use it for harm. One of the pieces was lost to time, but if Briseis wants to save her mother's life, she'll have to use all her resources to find it. Briseis and her newfound family will need to face off with fickle gods, journey to a magical island, and outwit dangerous enemies if they hope to save her mother's soul before it's too late.

I read This Poison Heart recently, and after that ending, I knew I needed to pick this up ASAP. Like the first book, I was instantly swept up in the story and devoured it in one sitting. I love the magical system and seeing Briseis' power develop even more. She became so confident in her abilities, and it was satisfying to see her blossom (pun intended.) I also liked the quest element. It added so much adventure to the plot. I thought it took too long to kick off, but when it did, it was entertaining. The only thing that didn't work for me was the romance. It felt very surface-level. I'm not sure if maybe it's because I'm not the biggest fan of Marie, but I didn't feel the connection between her and Briseis. Other than that, I enjoyed this series and would recommend it if you like stories inspired by Greek mythology.

Rating: 3/5

Pub Date: 3-28-23
YA - Horror

In Nightfall- Suzanne Young:
 Theo and her brother Marco threw an outrageous house party, and now are getting shipped off to spend the summer with their estranged grandmother. Neither has ever been, nor even heard of, their father's hometown of Nightfall, Oregon before, and aren't sure what to expect. When they arrive at the quaint seaside town, it looks like any small town, just rainier, but the real shock is their grandmother. She's eccentric, superstitious, and a bit of a recluse. She also has strict rules for Theo and Marco: no talking to strangers and being home before dark. On their first night, Theo and Marco meet the charismatic Minnow and her friends and get swept into their magnetic pull. But Theo starts to realize something isn't quite right about Minnow, her friends, or Nightfall and that maybe her grandmother was right to warn them about the dark.

If you're looking for a fun vampire book, look no further. I had such a blast reading this and devoured it in one sitting. I loved the creepy, small-town setting and the sibling relationship between Theo and Marco. Was this a perfect book? No. There were some bits, like the podcast element, that I thought were unnecessary, and it took a little while for the plot to kick off. Was it predictable? Yes, especially if you've seen The Lost Boys. But was it entertaining? Absolutely, I'd recommend it to anyone in the mood for a campy horror book.

Rating: 4/5


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