Once More with Feeling Review

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Do you have a favorite pop group/artist from the early-2000s? I was a huge *Nsync fan, so of course, I needed to pick up Once More with Feeling by Elissa Sussman. 

Pub Date: 5-30-23
Adult - Contemporary

Kathleen Rosenberg was once known as pop sensation Katee Rose. She toured around the world, selling out stadiums as America's pop princess. Everything about Katee was splashed all over the front pages of the tabloids, especially when it came to her relationship with Ryan LaNeve, a member of another popular boyband. But Katee's life and career come crashing down after she spends one unforgettable night with Cal Kirby, a friend who knew her before all the fame and Ryan's bandmate.

Katee Rose may have craved the spotlight, but Kathleen is now content to spend time teaching dance lessons, eating takeout, and lazing about with her cat. It's been years since she fell from the popstar pedestal, but when an opportunity presents itself, Kathleen can't resist the allure. When her best friend writes a new musical, Kathleen can't wait to strap on her dancing shoes and show the world her true talent. But she'll have to impress the director-- Cal Kirby. The pair haven't spoken in years, but it's clear that the attraction between them is still there. But are they willing to risk their careers again for another shot at love?

I was hesitant going into this because it sounded a lot like Sussman's previous book (second chance romance with a celebrity element), and while it did give off some of the same vibes, I found it didn't bother me much. It had that early-2000s popstar craze-Britney and Justin-feel to it, and I ate it up. I liked how Kathleen and Cal knew each other before they were famous. They were just two nerdy musical theatre camp kids who made it big. You could tell from the flashbacks that Kathleen always had this fire to make it in the industry, but Cal just stumbled into it. Their relationship was okay, but it didn't wow me. My other complaint was that it was hard to root for Kathleen. She came across as a bit selfish and overly ambitious, which made for some bratty behavior. Other than that, I thought it was pretty good.

Rating: 3/5


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