Let's Talk: CAOS

Hello, all!

** Potential spoilers in here **

Fun fact: the first comics I started reading were Sabrina the Teenage Witch. My mom used to bring me and my brother to our local comic shop where I would always grab the mystery bags which were brown paper bags filled with about 5 comics. You never knew what comics you'd get until you opened up the bag, but usually it was always some sort of Archie comic, and my favorite to get were the Sabrina ones.

When I got a bit older, my love of Sabrina only grew with the tv show. It was fun and sassy and who didn't want to be a teenage witch? Flash forward a couple of years ago to Archie bringing out The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic (original review here) and my whole Sabrina world flipping on its head. This telling is much, much darker, and revolves around Sabrina's conflict about signing her name in the Book of the Beast upon her 16th birthday (or her "Dark Baptism") and forsaking her mortal half.

This was not my Melissa Joan Hart Sabrina and I loved it from the very first panel. It was gory and straight up horror filled, I mean, the Aunts were cannibals for cryin' out loud! I couldn't get enough of it. So, you can only imagine how pumped I was when I heard that Netflix was adapting the comics into an original series. And overall, I enjoyed it.

Let's start with the show's intro-- I was super into how they used a lot of the artwork from the comics, I thought it was a great way to tie in the original source material. I think the additions of Sabrina's two friends, Roz and Susie, were a nice touch to give her more of a link to her mortal side than just Harvey. Oh, and let's talk about Harvey. Ross Lynch was the perfect Harvey Kinkle for me; he was sweet and had that dopey sort of innocence that Nate Richert had in the 90s tv show, and I really liked it. Hands down though, my favorite character was Aunt Hilda. Lucy Davis was everything. She was lighthearted and funny, and stood her ground when needed. She was such a difference from the wise cracking Hilda we all know and love, but I really enjoyed it.

Aside from the characters, the actual visuals of the show were nice as well. Everything was dark and had that feeling of old age and spookiness. It had a certain vintage feel to it as well, which I liked. I didn't fully love the soft, out of focus shots of the outside of the Spellman mortuary, though, but that's just personal taste. I'm not a huge fan of things like that. If I wanted to see blurry things I'd just take my glasses off. The shots inside the Academy of Unseen Arts were very Gothic and had a cult-like vibe to them which fit the aesthetic to a T. Out of all the places, I'd really like to visit Dr. Cerberus cause that seems like a book store/cafe that I would definitely spend all my time in.

The only slight issue I had with the show was the feeling of overacting at some points, usually by Sabrina herself, Keirnan Shipka. I don't know if it was just me, but I felt her delivery at times was just weird and felt like she was putting on airs to sound a bit more... posh? Maybe? I can't explain it. But it wasn't just her, Prudence and the Weird Sisters, and even Aunt Zelda at times, just felt off. But I could look passed all that when Michelle Gomez was on screen. Her Madam Satan was just so so good. I knew she'd be great in this sort of role because it's kind of like her Missy from Doctor Who but ramped up to 666, and she did not disappoint. Except for the slight glimpse of her in her true form at the end which looked like a melted candy bar, but other than that, she completely sold me.

All in all, I really liked The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It fully delves into the darker side of magic and witch lore, and doesn't seem too miffed about crossing the line every now and then. Are there some things I think they could tweak? Yes. Are there some story lines they set up that are a bit predictable? Yes. I'm looking at you, Sabrina/Harvey/Nicholas love triangle and Dr. Cee's eventual outing as a demon of some sort. But it all had that bit of almost campy-horror that I love so much, and I'm really interested to see where the show goes from here.

Have any of you watched it yet? Lemme know what you thought!


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