Green Lantern Vol 1: Intergalactic Lawman Review

Hello, all!

Green Lantern was always one of my brother's favorite comic book characters. Growing up, I used to sneak into his room whenever he wasn't home and read his comics, and that's where I first discovered Hal Jordan. This normal fighter pilot turned intergalactic policeman. I used to chant along with him as he spoke his Green Lantern oath, so I was super excited when I received a copy of Green Lantern Vol 1: Intergalactic Lawman from Netgalley. Big thank you to them!

Pub Date: 7-16-19
Comics - Graphic Novels
This volume follows Hal Jordan, Earth's Green Lantern protector, as he stumbles upon a mysterious alien hiding in plain sight, and his discovery sets off a disastrous chain of events that will shake the very foundation of the Green Lantern Corps.

There are many difficulties ahead for Jordan, including an intergalactic conspiracy and a traitor in the Green Lantern Corps ranks. Earth rules don't apply in space, so Hal must do whatever it takes to catch this mysterious stranger. He has spent years battling for what he believes in, but could that belief cost him everything?

Grant Morrison does a really great job showcasing the ins and outs of Hal Jordan: what makes him tick, what motivates him, what his goals are, and most importantly, his dedication to protecting Earth, and his loyalties to the Green Lantern Corps. That being said, I did find the actual story line to be a little...meh. I can't pinpoint exactly what didn't grab me, but I just wasn't super invested in it. Maybe my expectations were a little too high, but it just fell short.

While I enjoyed some aspects of the story, "Blackstar at Zenith" being my favorite, the artwork is really what stood out for me. Liam Sharp's artwork is superb, down to the very smallest detail. I found myself mesmerized by every single panel, so it really helped propelled the story to the next level and keep me interested. If you're a huge Green Lantern fan, I'd say give this a go, but if you're only a casual fan, you're not missing much.

Rating: 3/5


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