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Big thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for these copies!

Pub Date: 7-2-19
Comics - Graphic Novels
Teen Titans: Raven- Kami Garcia: When a tragic car accident takes the life of 17 year old Raven's foster mother-- along with her memory--Raven is sent to live with her foster mother's family in New Orleans. While there, Raven starts experiencing strange occurrences of hearing the thoughts of those around her and being able to cause injury to bullies with the slightest thought. She starts to think maybe it's best that she doesn't remember who she used to be, and maybe she needs this clean slate. With the help of her foster cousin, Max, and the charming Tommy Torres, Raven must decide whether to stand up to the darkness inside her or let it consume her completely.

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. It was such an interesting take on Raven, and the story itself played out really well. I flew through it because I was just completely sucked into Raven coming into her own and discovering who she is and the powers she possesses. The whole take on voodoo magic was also cool to see. My favorite thing though was the art style, it was so fresh and made the story that much better. Definitely check this out if you're a DC fan!

Rating: 3/5

Pub Date: 7-10-19
Comics - Graphic Novels
The Magician's: Alice's Story- Lilah Sturges: Alice Quinn is at the top of her class at Brakebills, a prestigious school for those with magical abilities. Everything seems to be going well: she falls in love with Quentin Coldwater, she has friends, but all that flips on its head when a horrifying magical creature breaches their dimension. The resulting events bring Alice and friends on a whirlwind adventure to the land of Fillory, where they're quick to learn that magic isn't always what it seems, and it's in the darkness where Alice finds her true calling.

I really liked this. I'm a huge fan of The Magicians series, and I'm super glad to have something from Alice's perspective. She's such a strong, complicated character, and this really shows a different side to her power that the original material didn't fully touch upon. I also liked how it seemed to follow the books a bit more than the TV show. Aside from being a great story, the artwork is really nice and lush. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's a fan of the series because it's a wonderful addition to the story.

Rating: 3.5/5


  1. I didn't know the Raven book was out! I must check it out as I'm a huge DC fan. :)


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