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Big thanks to Inkyard Press for having me as part of the blog tour for The Code for Love and Heartbreak by Jillian Cantor!

Pub Date: 10-6-20
YA - Contemporary

Emma Woodhouse is a whiz at math, but utterly clueless when it comes to human interactions. People can be unreliable, but numbers will never let you down. When her older sister heads to college leaving Emma completely friendless, she plans to dedicate all her time to the coding club she's co-president of. With the national competition looming, the club must brainstorm an idea that will take them to the top, and Emma has a rather unconventional project in mind: an app that will mathematically match students up with their perfect partners within the school called The Code for Love.

The rest of the coding club, especially George, Emma's co-president, is hesitant, to say the least. They believe nothing good can come from meddling in people's love lives, but the more excited the student body gets about the matches, the more they have to admit maybe Emma is on to something. But when couples start breaking up, and George is matched with someone else in the club causing certain feelings to stir in Emma, she has to face the facts that maybe math can't solve everything.

I'm always a fan of a Jane Austen retelling, and while I did enjoy this, it felt a little young. There was all the typical high school drama you'd find in a YA, so I do think it'd be well-suited for someone who is actually in the age bracket of the characters. Like the original material, Emma is headstrong, stubborn, and a bit childish at times. She is dead set on the fact that math is the answer to everything that she gets very defensive and lashes out when things don't go her way. I did like her and George and felt he brought out a nice balance to her, and they were cute together. I did also have a few issues with the writing itself. There were times where Cantor felt very repetitive and wordy. The highlight for me was all the actual coding references. I know nothing about that, so it was interesting to see how in-depth and complex it all is. Despite not fully clicking with this, it was a quick read and kept my attention for the most part, and I'd recommend if you're into retellings and YA contemporaries.

Rating: 3/5

More info about the book can be found here!


  1. I'm not sure I would like this if it has a too young vibe to it.

    1. Yeah, it's definitely geared more towards high schoolers.


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