Museum of Ice Cream

Hello, all!

Like most lactose intolerant people, when it comes to ice cream, I pretend I'm not lactose intolerant. So when I heard about the pop-up Museum of Ice Cream in NYC, I knew I needed to go. The tickets were originally for April, but due to Covid, the date kept getting pushed back, but finally Saturday was the day! 

Obviously, the exhibit drastically changed due to the virus and wasn't as interactive as it once was, but it was still so much fun. I didn't know what to expect, but there were tons of installations and everything was really well done. There were little bits of ice cream history which were littered throughout, and the staff give you a fun scavenger hunt to play in all the different rooms. It was a quirky way to spend an afternoon.

You can check out all the pictures below! More info about the museum can be found here


  1. This looks so cool! 😍
    I've heard about the museum before and always wanted to go. Looks like such a fun experience! Great photos.

    Anika |


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