Blog Tour: Smash It! Review

Hello, all!

Big thanks to Inkyard Press for having me as part of the blog tour for Smash It! by Francina Simone.

Pub Date: 9-22-20
YA - Contemporary

Olivia "Liv" James has never been one for the spotlight. While her two best friends, Eli and Dré, make girls swoon with their cover band, Liv dissolves into the background. After one embarrassing show, Liv decides she's had enough. She's through letting her insecurities run her life, so she takes a cue from Shonda Rhimes and drafts a F*ck It List.

Soon, Liv is living her life like never before. She has new-found confidence, new friends, and even a part in the school's production of Othello. Liv's checking off items on her list one after another and having the time of her life. What could possibly go wrong? But when she gains the attention of three different guys, two being her best friends, Liv quickly finds out the answer is way more than she bargained for.

I have to admit, it took me a while to get into this. I was probably about thirty percent of the way through before I felt it all clicked and the story began to hit its stride. I liked Liv and felt she was very relatable and was rooting for her on her journey of self-discovery. I did think she fumbled the ball a bit at times, but it was a nice learning experience for her and I felt it helped her grow by the end. Her relationship with Dré was sweet and ended in a way more mature manner than I would've thought, but I was definitely rooting for her and Eli the whole time. I also loved the little glimpses into the script for the play. I thought that was a nice touch since so much of the plot revolved around the show. Despite not fully vibing with the writing at first, I thought this was a cute quick story that would be good for fans of all those messy love triangles teen dramas are famous for.

Rating: 3/5


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