OwlCrate December Review

Hello, all!

This months OwlCrate theme was Power of Illusions, and it was the perfect box to end the year with. Let's get into it.

First up was this lovely little candle by Flick the Wick inspired by The Lunar Chronicles. It has notes of blackberry, vanilla and greenery, and it smells so so good.

Of course you can't have a December box without including an ornament, and this one from Juniper and Ivy Designs is so pretty. This was inspired by The Crown's Game, which I've never read, but the design of this reminds me of Anastasia and I dig it.

Next up was this cute The Night Circus magnet by Ink and Wonder Designs. I love that book, and I also really like all the hype it's been getting all of a sudden. I do wish the magnet had a little bit more of the red/black aesthetic that the book had, but I still like it.

Oh, how I love a tote bag, and this one designed by Stella Bookish Art is no exception. This is a lovely Caraval inspired tote, and not only is the art super pretty, but the actual quality of the bag feels very durable which is great since I usually use these for groceries.

This reading planner made by Blue Star Press was probably my favorite thing in this months box. They included a planner like this in last years box as well, but I think this one is way better. It's a great size, the design is cute, and the way it's broken down is so nice-- not only does it have monthly views, but weekly as well. Each month also has spots for new releases for that month, your TBR and even spots to review what you've read during that time. I actually keep my own reading journal, but I think I'll be switching between both since I just love this.

The book this month was Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene. This story follows Sylvie, an orphan living in the Dusklands, whose strict guardians are ashamed of her power to conjure illusions and treat her like a walking curse. Sylvie decides to set off on an adventure to the royal palace, hoping to show off her skills and earn a place in the court. Once she arrives in the Amber City, she realizes things are not as they seem. Sylvie must train and learn to harness her powers if she wishes to survive and make a name for herself in this harsh new world.

I also really like how they included a little amber pendant to go along with the book. The OwlCrate team really think of every little thing, and their attention to detail is one of my favorite things about this box. I can't wait to see what next year brings!


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