Top 5: Underrated Christmas Movies

Hello, all!

My favorite thing to do during this time of year is watch a bunch of Christmas movies, so I figured I'd dedicate this list to the unsung holiday movies that don't always get enough love.

1. Babes in Toyland: This was one of my favorite Christmas movies when I was younger. It has a tiny Drew Barrymore who plays Lisa, a young girl who has no time for playthings and hates being treated like a child. Then an accident during a Christmas Eve blizzard sends her into Toyland. While there, Lisa must stop a plot to marry Mary Contrary off to the horrible Barnaby Barnacle, who wants to take over Toyland. But there's one little problem: the Toymaster will only help if Lisa really believes in toys. Not only does this movie have a young Keanu Reeves, but  also a fun car singalong that's super catchy. What more could you want?

2. Jingle All The Way: Growing up, I fully remember my Mom saying how savage it was trying to get whatever the latest toy craze was for us. Not to mention seeing countless pictures of people with scratch marks all over their faces and people getting into fights all for a Furby or Tickle Me Elmo. This movie fully embodies that mad rush, but throws Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad into the mix.

3. To Grandmother's House We Go: Who didn't love a Mary Kate and Ashley movie in the 90s? When the two overhear their mom call them a "handful", they decide to run away to their grandma's, but they aren't allowed to cross the street without an adult. So what do they do? Hope on a bus, of course!  Thus kicking off their crazy Christmas adventure.

4. Ernest Saves Christmas: Where does Santa Claus go to look for his successor? Florida, obviously. While there, Santa gets into some unexpected trouble, as one does, and lovable doofy cab driver, Ernest, steps in to help save Christmas.

5. Serendipity: Everyone loves a romance during the holiday, and what better than one with John Cusack? During the Christmas season, Jonathan meets Sara while shopping at Bloomingdale's when they both try to purchase the same pair of gloves. After having dinner together, the pair decide to write their phone numbers on different items thinking that if fate really wanted them together they'd find each other. Years pass and both are in relationships, but fate finally pulls through and brings them together again. What a Christmas miracle!

Honorable Mention:

Trading Places: You just can't beat a Dan Aykroyd/Eddie Murphy team up!

What're some of your favorites? Lemme know!


  1. I love Jingle All the Way because it was filmed in MN which is where I'm from. It's nostalgia for me to see the Mall of America in the 90's

    1. That's so cool! I always wished I could go there whenever I watched that scene in Mighty Ducks 2 when they're all rollerskating through it.

  2. Nice list! I haven't seen Jingle All The Way in a long time, but I recently watched it and was surprised by how funny it was. Love Serendipity too!


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