5 Fandom Friday- Literary Heroines

Hello, all!

This week's 5FF is all about literary heroines. I've been a hardcore reader my whole life, and there's tons of characters I've looked up to, so here are just a few.

1. Luna Lovegood: There are so many amazing female characters in the Harry Potter series, but I've always had a soft spot for Luna. I've always admired how true to herself Luna is. She's not afraid to march to the beat of her own drum, and I love how loyal she is to her friends.

2. Elizabeth Bennet: Pride and Prejudice is my favorite classic, and the 2005 version with Keira Knightly is still my go to movie when it's snowing out. Lizzie is such a force: she's strong-willed and stubborn, loves her family, and can admit when she's wrong.

3. Matilda Wormwood: Growing up, I spent hours upon hours either at the library or reading in my room. Like Matilda, I always felt like whatever I was going through, I could find the answers in books. I'm still hoping I'll manifest some telekinetic powers so I can move things around while dancing in my living room to Rusted Root.

4. Arya Stark: Game of Thrones is chock full of heartbreaking and gruesome deaths, and no one has been on the receiving end of loss like the Starks. From watching her father get beheaded, to being so close to her mother and brother while they were brutally slaughtered, Arya has been dealt many hard blows. Instead of letting those moments break her down, she uses all the hurt and pain to fuel herself into avenging her family.

5. Nancy Drew: I've always loved a good mystery, and Nancy Drew was the queen detective. These were the first series books I ever really read, and I wanted nothing more than to go along with her on these cases as she tracked down clues.

Lemme know some of your picks!


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