A Witch in Time Review

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I'm a big Doctor Who fan, so I tend to love stories that have a bit of a timey-wimey aspect to them. Add in some witches and curses, and you basically have A Witch in Time by Constance Sayers. Big thank you to the publisher for the copy!

Pub Date: 2-11-20
Fantasy - Historical Fiction
In France, 1895, sixteen-year old Juliet LaCompte is a naive farm girl who falls into a passionate, but dangerous, love affair with a married local painter, Auguste Marchant. After getting with child, Juliet's mother--a minor witch-- attempts to curse Marchant for what he's done to her daughter, but unknowingly summons a powerful demon, and binds it to Marchant and Juliet for all eternity. Now, Juliet is doomed to repeat her affair and die tragically young lifetime after lifetime as these star-crossed lovers are reincarnated time and again.

Each lifetime Juliet comes back different; different name, different age, different career, etc. The only constant in these lives are falling for Marchant, in whatever form he takes, and the demon himself, who always appears to Juliet as some mysterious, handsome benefactor just when she needs him most. The demon, Luke Varnier, also just so happens to have been in love with Juliet ever since her first lifetime, but she forgets him every time she dies. In all her lifetimes, he has to help remind her of their feelings for one another before it's too late. Each new rebirth seems to unlock powers within Juliet, such as mind control and healing. Now, on her fourth lifetime, this time as Helen Lambert, she's the most powerful version of herself yet. And it'll take all of her power to find a way to break the cycle before her time runs out.

I really enjoyed this. It was such a lush, sweeping love story throughout time. The different versions of Juliet were all fascinating to read about. I especially loved Nora's story as a Hollywood actress in the 1930s, but funnily enough, hated Juliet's. I found her a bit annoying and childish. I enjoyed how you discover it's not really a love story between Juliet and Marchant, but rather her and Luke. I liked them together, even though they could be a tad frustrating at times. I did think it was weird and not very believable that Helen's friend Mickey, who sort of went along on this journey of self-discovery with her, didn't even bat an eye at finding out his best friend is a witch who's cursed in a time loop. There were other small things like that that felt too unrealistic to me, but other than that, I liked this and would recommend if you're looking for a fantasical historical fiction read.

Rating: 4/5


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