5 Fandom Friday: Top Female Friendships

Hello, all!

Let's celebrate Gal-entine's Day with some of my favorite female friendships!

1. Buffy and Willow: Whether it was doing some crazy research in the library, lamenting about their relationship troubles (vampires, werewolves, you know, the usual), dying a lot or going full blown dark side, these two always had each other's backs.

2. Cher and Dionne: I was a huge fan of hanging out at the mall with friends when I was younger, and I can just picture these two being the best shopping partners.

3. The Golden Girls: I mean, come on! These gals are friend group goals. Need I say more?

4. Romy and Michele: Friends who coordinate their outfits together stay together. They invented Post-It's and have killer dance routines for cryin' out loud!

5. Daria and Jane: These two are literally me and my friend Sam. Our entire friendship is based on sarcasm and being cynical and anxious, only we do it over Chipotle instead of pizza most of the time.

Let me know some of your picks!


  1. I love this entire list! Man, I looooooved Daria back in the day. I miss that show sometimes.


    also, the mother daughter duo on Gilmore girls <3<3<3

    1. I feel like our friend group is totally going to be the Golden Girls in about 20 years. I'm obvs Sophia.

  3. I haven't seen a lot of these outside of The Golden Girls and Clueless. I really need to check out the other three. Happy belated Galentine's Day!

    1. Thanks, same to you! And you should definitely check out the others, I think you'd like them!


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