Friday, April 3, 2020

5 Fandom Friday- Top MCU Moments

Hello, all!

There are so many amazing moments throughout the MCU. I had such a hard time narrowing it down to only 5, so I just went with the first that came to mind. Here we go!

1. "Immigrant Song" Battle: I have to admit, the Thor movies aren't some of my favorites, but that all changed with Ragnarok. I loved the whole movie, but I think my favorite scene is when Thor gets a bit of a power boost and goes to town on the bad guys while Led Zeppelin cranks in the background.

2. Captain Marvel's Full Potential: I spent the whole Captain Marvel movie practically in goosebumps. I was so in awe of this badass female superhero coming into her own and embracing her powers to the fullest. This scene in particular made my heart so full.

3. Marvel Women Join up: I could have easily made this whole list moments from Endgame, but I only let myself choose one and this was it. Like so many others, I would kill for an all female team up movie, but this is better than nothing. Watching all the amazing females in the MCU join together to protect Peter as he's carrying the Infinity Gauntlet was everything.

4. Avengers try to lift Mjolnir: Not only do I love this because it foreshadows Cap being worthy enough to wield Thor's hammer during Endgame, but it just feels like such a thing that real friends would do when they're hanging out.

5. "I am Iron Man": Could you really have a list of top moments and not include this one? Come on, it's iconic.

Lemme know some of your picks!


  1. This is a great list and I agree with all of them!

  2. The Thor Ragnorok scene is a good one. I also love the women teaming up in Endgame. Another great scene is during Infinity War where Black Widow and the ladies from Black Panther team up on that one guard of Thanos during the Battle on Wakanda.

  3. Awesome list! The Immigrant Song in Thor: Ragnarok is amazing. Iron Man is pretty underrated in the MCU too. That moment changed everything. I also would've picked a lot of scenes from Avengers: Endgame too.