The Age of Witches Review

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I'm such a sucker for historical fiction that takes place in New York or England, and I love books about witches, so The Age of Witches by Louisa Morgan combining all of that in one was a no brainer read for me. Big thank you to the publisher for the copy!

Pub Date: 4-7-20
Historical Fiction - Fantasy
Harriet Bishop comes from a long line of witches. She can trace her lineage right down to Salem. She uses her gifts to help women in need, and not only ordinary women, but those with their own powers as well. When her distant cousin, Francis Allington, decides to use her powers for a dangerous gain, Harriet has no choice but to intervene before anyone can come to harm.

Frances Allington has spent her entire life feeling second best. She has used her powers to drag herself out of poverty and into the sort of life that she's craved since she was a young child. After marrying a wealthy New York tycoon, Francis decides to cement their position in the upper crust of society by securing a union between her strong-willed stepdaughter, Annis, and an English lord. And she's not above using witchcraft to do it. Harriet comes to the aid of Annis, and reveals to her the true nature of their family, and in doing so, seems to awaken the dormant powers hidden within Annis. Together, the pair must fight against Francis and the evil she's weaved because it's not only Annis's freedom on the line, it's potentially her whole life as well.

This entire story was so captivating right from the very start. I was immediately sucked into the plot and characters. Harriet is so strong and sure of herself, while Francis lets her insecurities and shortcomings lead her down darker and darker paths. Annis was also fascinating and learning her history and watching her flourish into her own powers was really nice. Morgan's writing was lush and flowed very nicely. I loved where she took the story and how in the end, you actually end up feeling sorry for Francis and the journey she went on. There was just the right amount of supernatural elements to where it didn't feel overly cheesy, and the setting felt true to the time period. My only slight issue was I did feel some parts dragged on a bit longer than was necessary. Other than that, I thought this was beautifully written.

Rating: 4/5


  1. Nice review! The story sounds different from anything I've heard of lately. It kind of reminds me of the musical Wicked in a really weird way. I'm definitely going to add it to my TBR.


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