Tuesday, April 14, 2020

What I Like About You Review

Hello, all!

Big thanks to Netgalley for the copy of What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter.

Pub Date: 4-7-20
YA - Contemporary
Halle Levitt lives two lives: one is her usual life as the daughter of two well known documentary directors, and the other is as a popular YA book blogger and cupcake baker named Kels. Kels is everything that Halle isn't: she's confident, outspoken and everyone like her, but the one thing Halle enjoys the most about being Kels is her online best friend, Nash, a talented graphic artist who loves books almost as much as she does. The pair have spent years getting to know one another online, but have never met. Until Halle and her younger brother move in with their grandfather, who just so happens to live in the same small town as Nash.

After a chance meeting at the library, Halle can't bring herself to tell Nash who she really is. Things get even more complicated once she and Nash make a real life connection. As their relationship grows and blossoms into something more, Halle must face her fears and tell Nash who she really is. But what if he doesn't feel for Halle what he feels for Kels?

The whole premise of this sounded cute, but it was a little too juvenile for me. I didn't really love or connect with Kanter's writing style. I'm not a huge fan of using internet lingo in dialogue, so whenever a character used "AF" or "IRL" in conversation just made me cringe. Aside from that, I also found the story line a bit too predictable, so there was nothing that really surprised me. I think maybe if I were a little younger, I would've liked this a bit better, but it just wasn't for me.

Rating: 2/5


  1. As soon as I read the title I started singing "what I like about you" by the romantics. Yes I had to google who sang it ;)

  2. Just from the description of this book, I don't think this is something I would like.