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Hello, all!

It's only fitting to kick off my Ireland posts with a book haul. I made it a point to try and hit at least one book store everywhere we went, and for the most part, I succeeded! 

I went to nine different stores, but I was trying to be aware of how little room I had in my suitcase and tried not to go overboard (which was so hard because I love a UK cover), but I'm happy with the little stack I was able to snag.

1. Warbreaker- Brandon Sanderson
2. Brotherhood- Mike Chen
3. A Natural History of Dragons- Marie Brennan (I'm currently on book three of this series and it's so fun!)
4. Fool's Assassin- Robin Hobb (yes, I bought another Robin Hobb book to go along with my two other completed series despite only having read 1 of her books)
5. The Sun and the Star- Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro
6. Atalanta- Jennifer Saint

(Side note: I'm obsessed/so insanely jealous that new releases come out in paperback in the UK. Both The Sun and the Star and Atalanta just came out, and usually we have to wait a year in the US for the paperback!)

What was the last book you bought?


  1. The UK Robin Hobb books are my favorite! I have her entire backlist now also despite only having read the first trilogy lol. But she's for sure a favorite author of mine! The last book I bought was Twisted Love!

    1. I almost bought the rest of the trilogy to go along with it, but I had to stop myself lol


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