Library Haul

Hello, all!

I swear, I told myself that I was only going to pick up my hold at the library and that I wasn't going to look around. Turns out, I'm a big liar.

1. Same Time Next Summer- Annabel Monaghan
2. Charm City Rocks- Matthew Norman
3. Once More with Feeling- Elissa Sussman
4. Morgan is My Name- Sophie Keetch
5. The Weight of Blood- Tiffany D. Jackson
6. The Family Fortuna- Lindsay Eagar
7. Star Wars, Vol. 4: Last Flight of the Harbinger


  1. I really want to read Same Time Next Summer! Especially since I found out that it's set on LI :-D

    1. That was why I picked it up! I saw it in the blurb and I had to get it.


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