Ireland, Part 3

Hello, all!

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Day 5: Dingle

On Wednesday, we met up with Harry around 10AM and we drove from Killarney to Dingle where we toured the Dingle peninsula. On the way, we stopped at Inch Beach and saw people camping on the sand, and some people we even surfing. I can't even imagine how cold the water had to be. 

We took a small boat tour around the harbor and even saw some of the filming spots for The Last Jedi! This was one of my favorite days as the views around Dingle were incredible. It feels so isolated, but beautiful at the same time. 

The boat tour only took about a half hour, so after that, Harry took us driving along the Wild Atlantic Way which is basically just a road that beside the Atlantic Ocean with gorgeous views. Then we ate lunch at The Blasket Center, which is like a visitors center, and took in the views from there.

Day 6: Cliffs of Moher

I was looking forward to this day more than all the others, so of course, something had to go wrong. I ended up waking up with a terrible cold. I'm talkin' running a fever, body aches, chills, sore throat-- the whole nine yards. There was a pharmacy right up the road from our hotel, so I thought I'd get some cold medicine and be right as rain, only to find out that you can't medicine without a prescription. Luckily, we found a grocery store a few blocks away and they had some so I stocked up.

I was determined not to let whatever cold I caught ruin the trip, so I downed the grossest tasting cough syrup I've ever had (seriously, I still don't understand why it was so viscous) and we headed to the Cliffs. I just have one word for them and it's wow. Stunning is an understatement.


  1. WOW, these views are incredible!! It's so cool that you got to see The Last Jedi filming spot in person! And I'm sorry you got sick one day, but glad you didn't let it ruin your trip!!


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