June OwlCrate Review

Hello, all!

The theme for this month was "If the Fates Allow." Let's get into it!

First up was the next enamel pin in their Treasure Tomes series. This one is inspired by The Raven Boys.

Next was this double-sided necklace inspired by the Percy Jackson series. One side has Percy's sword and the other has an owl for Annabeth. 

Then we had this ceramic trivet inspired by Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology. I love getting useful items, so this is going straight into my kitchen.

Next up was this picnic blanket inspired by The Scorpio Races. I'm not sure if I'll get much use out of this, but the design is cool.

The last item was my absolute favorite. It's this stunning hand mirror inspired by The Song of Achilles. I don't even want to use this because I don't want to risk breaking it, but I love it so much. This is probably my favorite item OwlCrate has done in a while.

This months book is Threads that Bind- Kika Hatzopoulou. This follows a young girl named Io, who is descended from the Greek fates and is able to cut people's threads. She spends her time doing detective work, and is thrown into a murder mystery with Edei, the person she shares a soulmate fate thread with.

I can't believe this is a Greek mythology inspired book I hadn't heard of! That makes me so excited to pick it up. I'm not so sure about the clear dust jacket, but I'm willing to look past that. What do you think of this months box?


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