Ireland, Part 4

Hello, all!

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Day 7: Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

On Friday we spent the day exploring the Bunratty castle and folk park. It kinda felt like their version of colonial Williamsburg, and it was so fun.

Day 8: Inis Oírr

If I'm being honest, this was the day I was dreading the entire trip. I don't do well on boats because of my motion sickness, and we were taking a ferry over to the Aran Islands, so I was super nervous. I did end up feeling sick the whole day, but the views on the island made it worth it. 

Also, on the ferry ride back, they take you under the Cliffs of Moher, so you get to see them pretty up close. We even went by the cave from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

Day 9: Irish National Stud Farm and Japanese Gardens

Sunday was the last day of our tour and we spent it at the Irish National Stud Farm and Japanese Gardens. I'm not a huge fan of horses (all my friends rode them growing up, but they could never convince me they weren't terrifying), but it was still cool to see and the gardens were so peaceful.

Then we flew home on Monday and got back to NY around 7PM-ish. I know I saw it before, but this truly was the trip of a lifetime. I'm so happy that we were able to spend so much time and see so much of Ireland. Our driver was so great and made sure that we experienced everything we possibly could. I really hope to go back some day, and if you were ever thinking of taking a trip there, I couldn't recommend it more!


  1. Those little mushroom stools are the cutest. They remind me of Animal Crossing!


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